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"Each Child Is A Universe..."
Act as if a Childs Life Depends on You - NOW

"We have seen so much long term abuse, so much pain of our children in residential schools, and other institutions over many, many years and no one brought accountability for so long. Please, lets hold protection agencies accountable. Let's investigate and stop abuse."
- quote by Rev Y Jacob

Insanity is - doing the same thing, again and again, expecting different results.

"Innocent children's long term abuse continues in home in Toronto."

  • Police and social workers /dismiss beatings of children in home.
  • Many witnesses came forward with signed affidavits and stories of abuse.
  • Witnesses say, "mom medicates children, giving them drugs for no reason as she overdrugs herself". "Mom beats children saying kids are evil, that her voices are telling her that". "Common-law husband brings in drugs and they do the drugs in front of the children".
  • A boy from this home confides, crying, that he wants to die because of the ongoing abuse by his uncle. He says that he told his teacher, in school. The teacher tells him, "God will punish his uncle". The teacher never reports this to the principal.
  • A protection agency worker is assaulted by common-law husband in this home and is physically thrown out.
  • Social worker cites, "protection rights over these kids" as man terrorizes kids in front of her and yells profanities at the social worker, in front of kids.
  • Social worker is over-ruled and protection rights are ignored by protection agency supervisors.
  • Before quitting social work and this protection agency over this matter she confides "little girl in house, her chest was also burned by abuse".
  • Catholic Children's Aid protection worker closes case after interview with father and one child in this home.
  • She has no contact with this home for almost 4 years.
  • During these 4 years there is documentation that there is repeated physical abuse of the children in this home, from the repeatedly drunk and angry father.
  • Principal of the school calls the Executive Director of CCAS, very upset at CCAS because girl came to complain about her fathers abusive behavior.
  • It is reported from the school that The Executive Director of CCAS rushing down the hallway of the school proclaims, "We will never abandon this child again".
  • Seven months later this little girl from this home has a big bruise on her arm that she said is a result of her dad beating her.
  • Man is charged with child abuse.
  • Child is taken out of home but other children are left.
  • 10 months later, in court (at 1911 Eglington Ave., Scarborough), at the trial, even though the little girl facing her abuser - her father testifies that he beat her; the case is dismissed because his common "law-wife testifies it was a hickey".

Will Leaders of all Political Parties Promise a Judicial Enquiry?

Accountability Now!


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