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We, the Undersigned, endorse the following petition:

Children in home beaten, terrorized, emotionally abused & traumatized, repeatedly drugged, sexually abused and brainwashed. Police were repeatedly informed of repeated beatings. School principals and teachers were informed of repeated beatings.

The abused children informed adults of repeated beatings. Social workers were repeatedly informed of abuse. One social worker cited child protection -overuled by supervisors. Doctors, who have been told about abuse, prescribe mind altering drugs to children, to be given by abusers, to help children cope with ongoing abuse in the home. Affidavits by witnesses to abuse in home ignored. After years of repeated abuse and brainwashing of the children one of the abusers is charged with physical abuse because of bruising on his daughters arm. Although the police officer at 41 division, who was in charge of the case, was called that there is evidence of long term abuse of children in this home and although the little girl testifies, facing her abuser, that her dad beat her and caused this, case was dismissed and kids were left in this home with their abusers.


Target: Ontario Provincial Party Leaders Premier Kathleen Wynn & Dalton McGuinty (Liberal); Mr. Hudak (Conservative); Ms. Horwath (New Democratic).

Sponsor: Child protect Canada Inc

Goal: 1 million

Deadline: Ongoing

Our Ontario Elected Political Leaders:

We as Ontarians are asking you, our highest elected officials in Ontario, to bring accountability to our Child Protection System in Ontario. "A Child's Life Depends On You - Now".

When repeated child abuse is reported to the Catholic Children's Aid Society in Toronto; When witnesses send letters detailing abuse of all sorts in this home; When Case worker does not check with any witnesses who are asking to be called regarding the abuse; When case worker closes case shortly after opening it; When case is totally ignored for years until an upset school Principal calls Mary A. McConville, Executive Director of CCAS because a little girl came into her office complaining of abusive behavior by her dad; When this physical abuse has been reported to police many times already; When it is reported that Mary A. McConville came into the school saying "We will never abandon this child again"; When seven months later this child is displaying the evidence of abuse and says her dad abused her; When this father is charged with child abuse by the police; When children are still left in this home unprotected as they have been unprotected for years; When 10 months later in Superior Court of Ontario, on Eglinton in Scarborough, the child facing her father testifies her father beat her; When other children in this home have already said they have experienced abuse; When there are no Child Protection Case Workers in court to speak for these children; When this case is dismissed against the abusive father...

When many children who have experienced abuse join violent gangs because many feel this is the only way no one will hurt them again because the system did not protect them; When there is seemingly no accountability with child protection agencies; We Ontarians are asking for accountability from you our elected Political Leaders of Ontario. Please set up a public "Judicial Enquiry" Now.

Child Protect Canada Inc believes accountability for child protection stops at your doors as our elected Ontario Party Leaders.

Yours truly,

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Email a petition to our Ontario, Provincial Political Party Leaders for a "JUDICIAL ENQUIRY" NOW.

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