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From Child Protect Canada Inc.

McGuinty's Health System ... LIES, FRAUD and CORRUPTION

The Facts

"Just scratching the surface of ' Health System, over the years, we can see the life blood of Ontarians pouring out because of fraud, corruption... lack of accountability of our tax dollars, putting the lives of Ontarians at risk".

Quote from Rev. Y. Jacob

Promise - "I will not raise taxes", says Premier McGuinty before the last election.
Broken - Raised taxes $900 for each Ontarian

Promise - Premier says this is a health system tax - so we Ontarians get the best hospital/health care services.

Promise - "Every penny of this tax will go to the health system", says Premier McGuinty.

Fact - Premier McGuinty does not allow the Ombudsman of Ontario to check accountability of any hospital or child protection agency in Ontario.

Fact - The only province in Canada that has no direct investigation into the abuses perpetrated by hospitals and child protection agencies. No Investigation into how our tax dollars are spent, therefore no accountability.

Fact - Scarborough General Hospital President's office is approached with charges that "an organized criminal group is using the valuable resources of the hospital for the purpose of millions of dollars of Insurance fraud".

Fact - The President's office is informed that "The Board must be informed". "Patients lives are put at risk". "The ER has been compromised". "Precious and valuable tax dollars are misspent and misdirected in wide spread fraud and corruption".

Fact - The President's office appoints as lead investigator a doctor along with the Director of Corporate Risk Management & Patient Safety.

Fact - Witness statements regarding facts about an organized criminal group, with witnesses phone numbers and addresses asking to be contacted regarding their affidavits, were given to doctor. Doctor also given documentation about millions of dollars of insurance fraud.

Fact - Doctor is provided with information that one of the partners in this organized criminal group, who has perpetrated fraud at SGH is an Associate in a large, multimillion dollar, private, Health services company, dealing with brain injuries called NRC (Neuro Rehabilitation Consultants) Feldman & Associates Inc.

Fact - NRC (Neuro Rehabilitation Consultants) Feldman & Associate Inc was informed by a lawyer, in a letter, almost 2 years before this SGH Investigation that the NRC Associate and NRC itself are involved in fraud with their very own client.

Fact - Bridgepoint Hospital who is also told about the fraud, still aids fraudulent claimant.

Fact - CCAS Toronto Central also participates in fraudulent claimant ABI assessment, even though claimant is in engaged in running large business at the same time..

Fact - So many other public and private health services companies misspend and misdirect public tax dollars in this organized criminal fraud against our public health system.



Child Protect Canada Inc. is a not-for-profit company dedicated to the protection of children,
bringing accountability to our health system and bringing accountability to improve the lives of Canadians.